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How much soil to cover a seed?

A quick and simple rule for calculating how much soil to cover a seed with when attempting to germinate it.

26/04/2021, 18:55
Is any rule like this that seed should be covered as much thick soil as the thickness of the seed. I will like for sowing something can be converted into compost like eggshell and kitchen paper roles tube straight can go into the soil

26/04/2021, 18:58
That's a great question? Does anyone know of any hard and fast rules or is it more like a rough idea and then experimentation?

26/04/2021, 18:59
it’s not a bad rule of thumb but there tends to be more seeds that needs light than not. So big seed does need to be buried but seed smaller than coriander seed nearly always needs light.

26/04/2021, 19:00
I never follow the rule

26/04/2021, 19:01
I don't think you ever follow any rules ✊🏼

26/04/2021, 19:01
then you are a natural gardener! Rules tend to be pants in gardening.

26/04/2021, 19:01
Rules are for breaking

26/04/2021, 19:01
But don’t tell Monty Don that.

26/04/2021, 19:02