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Preparing soil for seeds

26/04/2021, 19:00
Ok, so say you have your lovely recycled pot and you want to fill it with compost...

26/04/2021, 19:02
Anyway back to compost. It’s not very good because it’s not very even and the one thing a seed really likes is to feel secure.  It likes a nice bed to get into

26/04/2021, 19:03
If a seed rolls around a lot in the early stages of germination it spends a lot of energy trying to work out which way is down.

26/04/2021, 19:03
Seeds always root first and then send out shoots.

26/04/2021, 19:04
Determining which was is down is essential for the seed and it use gravity to do that.

26/04/2021, 19:04
Watering tends to shift not only the soil but also the seeds, so they don’t rock about in bed. It helps to do this

26/04/2021, 19:07
The soil is now settled and so it’s a nice bed and the seed won’t roll away

26/04/2021, 19:08
Do you give your compost a little pat?

26/04/2021, 19:08
Yeah, I like patting my compost.

26/04/2021, 19:08
Make a slightly firmer bed

26/04/2021, 19:09
I always pat it