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Seed coats and hope

In awe of seeds

03/05/2021, 19:34
Looking at this present weather it’s very scary. Such late frosts all my seedlings inside or I tuck them up at night

03/05/2021, 19:37
But that’s one of the wonderful things about this group. We can change things it is never too late. Truly learning about the plant folk around us, understanding their needs, why they grow the way they do is part of the path to making that change.

03/05/2021, 19:38
When you find out that St. John Wort can take up to year, well there’s something amazing there about resilience. Creating a seed that can sit out all the bad stuff till the right moment comes to thrive. AND when it finally gets there it gives us such powerful medicine.

03/05/2021, 19:39
I’ve been looking at microscopic images of seeds. They really are so beautiful and so different

03/05/2021, 19:39 -

03/05/2021, 19:39
Or that the Californian poppy has the ability to hold some of seeds back from germinating for fifty years or more. So that the seed can be buried in the soil bank just waiting for a future none of us know about.

03/05/2021, 19:42
I take great heart in seeds. They are such brilliant , tiny, complex packages of hope. The design of the seed coat is specific to each species and hold the pattern/code to unlocking the first key to breaking dormancy.

03/05/2021, 19:42
yes like little universes! been thinking about cauliflower lots and how this tiny seed can grow into a brain-like structure.

03/05/2021, 19:43
Or how an acorn holds all the genetic info to make a mighty oak!

It does blow your mind doesn’t it

03/05/2021, 19:44
yes totally. and then they are like 50p at asda and i just cant get all these different worlds together anymore.

03/05/2021, 19:45
I was reading about a 2000 year old Date Palm seed that was found and it  germinated!!

03/05/2021, 19:45
The oldest seed to ever be germinated was 38,000 years old!

03/05/2021, 19:47
How amazing

03/05/2021, 19:47

03/05/2021, 19:47
Life growth from seeds 1000’s years old

03/05/2021, 19:48

03/05/2021, 19:49
Anyway, there’s no rush on seed sowing, we’ve got all month for most of the seed, so you don’t have to rush! If you find next week you have lots of questions after googling come at us with them!

03/05/2021, 19:50
We’ve got thousands of years 🤣😂