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Calendula tea to soothe toothache

30/08/2021, 18:36
This week I have bad toothache so thanks for cheering me up

30/08/2021, 18:37
sorry about your poorly tooth still bothering you . I have an eye infection so this is cheering me up as well

30/08/2021, 18:37
Sorry to hear that, toothache is horrid are you taking anything for it?

30/08/2021, 18:38
Marigold tea

30/08/2021, 18:40
The marigolds are in glorious bloom everywhere now

30/08/2021, 18:42
When I picked marigolds last year they felt both oily and astringent

30/08/2021, 18:43
Get well soon I know toothache can be very painful I was suffering until I had my gums slightly cut to help and ease swelling. Wishing both a speedy recovery

30/08/2021, 18:57
I wonder of adding a bit of California poppy to your marigold tea might help as well...