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Waterbutt water and seedlings

Question about watering seedlings

10/05/2021, 18:24
Can you tell me if it’s true or not.... with seedlings is it bad to use water from a water butt.. esp when potting on?    I was told that it was bad but don’t know if it was true

10/05/2021, 18:25
There’s a chance that waterbutt water has too many microbes in it and you can get damp off. Which is a fungal disease that is caused by damp conditions with too little air circulation and is brought in by water.

10/05/2021, 18:27
However there’s another school that says that rain water is much better for planting because it’s what they want and tap water is too chemical and comes from pipes so have swirled in the wrong direction.

10/05/2021, 18:28
I put all my babies in the little puddles in my garden as the rain fell. Hope I don’t give them fungus 🤮🤮🤮

10/05/2021, 18:28
should I put my pot outside when it rains 🌧🤔

10/05/2021, 18:29
I think rain is magical stuff so I don’t think that’s crazy at all