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Summer | Red Clover


Meet Red Clover. The three leaved clover that grows abundantly in meadows across the UK.
You might know some of her other names such as bee bread, three leaved grass, cow grass or Trifolium pratense



Watch the Red Clover video embedded at the bottom of this page - also available to watch on YouTube and Vimeo.

Red clover grows abundantly in meadows throughout the UK,

its 3 leaves often leaving people disappointed

at not finding a clover with 4 leaves!

For medicinal purposes, we use only the red or pink clover

(not the white clover) and we use only the flower.

Red clover is a tonic herb, that is, it nourishes a particular system,

in this case, red clover nourishes the ovaries,

encouraging fertility as it boosts the body's natural production of oestrogen,

in fact, it is said to be so effective that if sheep

eat clover while pregnant they will give birth to twins!

For this reason, it is also often used to support women going through the menopause

and to ease symptoms such as vaginal dryness

and dry skin.

Red clover is also soothing to the lungs

and can be used as part of a mixture to help stubborn coughs,

it was used in the past to treat whooping cough and bronchitis.

To make one cup of red clover tea,

take a handful of fresh flowers

or a teaspoon of the dried flower

and add a cup of boiling water. 

Let it sit, covered, for 5-10 minutes, strain and drink.